Terms of Service

By "You, your", we mean the customer, client or user . "We" refers to Bitafrika

Bitafrika is a platform for selling and buying of cryptocurrencies and gift vouchers only

All individuals would have to Register/Sign up and be verified by email and phone number to be a client/customer of Bitafrika. To know how your information is used, please visit bitafrika.com/privacy

You are mandated to ensure all details especially email and phone number are updated and active as they would be used as mediums of communication between Bitafrika and the clients during processing of orders and for promotional activities

You are mandated to ensure the security of your Bitafrika accounts. You are to keep your account password and not shared with any third party including Bitafrika. Also Maximum internet security on your online devices.

Bitafrika not have access to your passwords and would not take responsibility for any breach of your account, orders and transactions.

You are mandated to cross check and confirm all details in their orders before completing order process. The orders would be completed with the details as presented in the order and would not be liable for any errors due to wrong details used in placing order by client.

Any misuse of this platform will be reported to the rightful legal authorities

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